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Tile design ideas for kitchen backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash with one of those stylish tile ideas.

Neutral Drama

Coupled with frameless and streamline cupboard pulls, this glass backsplash appears modern and classy. The champagne-colour glass tiles, gray-stained alder cabinets, and a neutral colour palette is maintained by creamy marble countertops, but their diverse colors ensure the look is anything but boring. The tile's glossy finish mirrors the sheen of stainless steel appliances and reflects light and views.

Smooth Elegance

Marble tiles cut in hexagonal and rectangular shapes make up this smooth, elegant backsplash. Instead of functioning as a focal point, this backsplash simply contributes to the sleek, elegant appearance of the space.

Realistic Stone Texture

Pebble tiles that are piled bring a nature-inspired feel to the area that is backsplash. The homeowners chose to not grout the tiles to emphasize the natural look. Used in the beverage center of the kitchen, the pebbles produce a unique focus for the zone that is cooking; the remaining part of the kitchen backsplash features a more traditional choice: white ceramic subway tiles.

Tile Artwork

Miniature tiles come together to create a magnificent, nature- inspired backsplash. The range and backsplash are framed by cream-colour cupboards, giving a framed artworklike look to the backsplash. The image fits in using the simple yet refined appearance of the remaining part of the kitchen.

Soft and Soothing

The veining in the marble countertops inspired the hushed gray subway tiles. Soft gray helps create a calming kitchen. This ageless kitchen gets a dose of lively color with orange and blue accents.

Small-Scale Pattern

You can simply opt for more design on the backsplash, when kitchen cabinetry is comparatively simple and unadorned. The neutral colors of the backsplash also combine nicely with all the kitchen's grey countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Cabinets Aurora

Natural Accents

Tile in various hues of green wrapping the kitchen, adding a blast of color plus earthy tones to the white space. The kitchen is kept by the combination of dark and light colours from becoming too airy or overly heavy. The green tiles as well as the warm wood floors provide the kitchen a natural, outdoorsy feel.

Metal Notes

Think beyond colour, when brainstorming backsplash thoughts.

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